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Moon moves with me only!(Another Tom&Jerry Story)

boysTom and Jerry are back again…



Wow, it is so bright, even in the late evening. Moon reflects at its best!
It is a full moon day!

Tom(~12yrs boy) and Jerry(~5yrs boy) are out for a walk with Mama and Papa. Once in a while they go for a casual evening walk.

[Whenever goes out for such walks, esp at night, Tom cannot resist to share his space knowledge and questions! Beware! 😉 ]

Tom: “Papa, look at those stars. Do you know that constellation?”
Papa looked so busy calling someone! 😉

Tom is not ready to leave!
Tom: “Papa, do you know that constellation?” (He pointed a group of stars again)

Papa did not have choice!

Papa (so much of thinking and acting!) : “Ori….Orion..”
Tom: “Perfect!”

Papa was shocked! Got it correct!! ;))
All previous casual walks with Tom did the trick!:))

Jerry could not resist now!. He really wanted to ask something looking at the sky!

Jerry: “Etta, Mama and Papa…..all of you stop…!”
[Etta=Elder Brother]

Tom, Mama and Papa stopped.
Mama: “Why Jerry, why to stop?”

Jerry:”…first… all of you, look at the Moon, it is so bright and full!”

All looked at the beautiful milky moon. Stood without moving!
The next instruction from the boss came in a jiffy! 🙂

Jerry:”Now, you can walk slowly looking at the Moon. I will stand here without moving. ok, go”

Tom got really puzzled, where is it heading to!

Jerry(continued) : “Walk”

Jerry stood looking at the Moon. Tom, Mama and Papa walked few steps looking at the Moon.

Jerry was shouting from behind:
Jerry: “See, the Moon was not moving with any of you!”
He started walking looking at the Moon.
Jerry:”...and now…the moon is moving with me. When I walk, it comes with me. Moon moves only when I walk. It does not move with you!”

Suddenly all three(Tom, Mama and Papa) moved few steps again looking at the moon! …and confirmed something! 😉

Jerry:“Moon moves only when I walk. Moon is my friend!”

The team looked at Jerry! His face was glowing in the moon light.
All put their hands on their heads and shouted with a sad face : “Moon moves only with Jerry and not with us!”

Jerry suddenly became shy! He laughed, ran to Mama and hid his glowing face!

Moon was still waiting for Jerry to walk, with a lovely smile spreading across the world! 🙂

Keep Smiling, Keep Shining

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