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God’s Laugh (zeptory!)

God was on a spree of laugh, excitement, and cracking jokes through out….!
Some joined him….
Some learnt to smile seeing it!

Some people tried in vain; and; many did not see it; so many didn’t even know!

Flight just landed. People were all hurrying to grab their thingies!
The little boy was still on his spree!!

zeptory: A new word created for a very very small story, but sows a thought provoking seed!

Zepto means 10−21

Work Life Balance! 


I like his smile, so innocent and pleasant! If you get it in the morning, a great start for your day! Often, I miss it!

This time I met him one evening; me coming back from office and he is going back home from his work! He is the supervisor for the community we live. Got his smile and a bonus friendly talk…

Me: “Hi Imran, how are you? It’s been a while!”

Imran:”Sir, I am good, how are you?”

Me:”Good good. Finished today’s work?”

Imran: “Yes Sir, going back home”

Me:”How do you go? How far is your home?” [Usual questions I cannot avoid asking in such friendly talks!]

Imran:”Bus Sir. It is around 35km from here”

Me:”35km??? How long will it take to reach?”

Imran:”I reach home around 9.30pm, Sir”

Me: “Oh…so late everyday!”

Imran: “Usually that is a good time; but if the traffic is so bad, can be still late!”

Me:”Oh ok…Let me not take your time Imran, please rush. See you later..”

Imran: “Bye, thank you sir”

I did not want to take any more time from him!

Where is Work Life Balance?!

It is one of the hot topics anytime in office among very senior guys and also the fresh engineers who just came out of college. It all depends on how you see your life and choices available to you! 

Maybe Imran comes to office a little late in the morning….?!

Oh, it is already 7pm. Little one’s instruction was to reach home ‘before night’! I will get some “advice” from him today for sure!

*         *          *              *            *              *                   *                 *

Wow, a super Saturday morning! Morning volleyball triggered me to get ready early. Sent “7.30am” to all playing boys! Yes, boys like me 😉

Usually I reach by 7.30 and spend some time on phone, pulling boys and seeing nature! We are very punctual to start the game finally around 8-8.15am! 😉

I enjoy that waiting time mostly! (Hope our playing boys don’t read this and turn more punctual!!!)

….there comes Imran….It is around 7:50am…! What time he would have started from home to reach here by this time…. Man! That too on-time to office 6 days a week!

Imran, I learn discipline and work life balance from you!

He walked briskly to office giving that simple, yet divine smile…

Boys started coming… we are all off to volleyball!

Pic : Google Freelicense

See, what we want to See..! 


Was planning to add this view just as a photo….but the pic triggered some thoughts….

Those unprocessed, raw thoughts…

We see, what we want to see!!!

  • Really? If a bad thing happens in front of us?
  • How to avoid that view? Why you want to avoid?
  • How come you reached the spot to see that view?
  • Is that what we mean by thought power? Or like many say ‘you decide your destiny’?
  • So, think good, see good?
  • But some of the eyes are born in front of “bad” pictures, is it not? 
  • Seeing that, how to say, “we see, what we want to see”?
  • Thoughts are part of soul, not just this physical body!
  • So souls see what souls want to see?
  • oh….it is dragging me inside the matrix of thoughts….
  • Escape!!!
  • I am back to the picture….
  • wow…green always gives a soft touch to my heart….like your sweet smile!!!


“Magical Smile”

Yes, I like that smile….Keep Smiling!

Pic1:Through my window” : View from my hotel room balcony, shot today morning with HTC G728 phone.

Pic2:Magical Smile” : Courtesy – http://www.freeimages.com/photo/old-smile-1436814


Making someone smile…

You feel special when you make someone smile; you are happier than the other!


I was browsing through my Reader in wordpress, also read and re-read some of the posts. Yeah, at times, your exploration takes you to new friends and their creations. I shared few likes, comments and replies as usual.

After a day or so, during the same Reader browsing, I landed to a person’s blog page. The title of a post dragged me in –  “Onam, Festival of Lights“!! Someone marked Onam as a festival of lights? I started reading it. Oh! the post talks about my daily posts about Onam and also, the person mentioned that she got the first like for her posts from me! Wow, it’s so lovely… a simple click made a person feel special!

I’ve written just over 50 posts and today I got my first ‘like’. Some one in southern India is writing a daily account of the Festival of Lights which I guess is like the Indian version of a Harvest/equinox festival. The author liked my post about a Loveliness of Ladybirds.

Here is the full post!

I realized only after one more day, that, it was just an anti-climax. I noticed my blog name in one of the titles during the browsing, from the same person. I was curious… and the blog title was “Sanil, Mr Pebbles”

The post goes like this…

What at a difference a day makes.

One person has looked at my blog and made a comment.
Here is the full post

It looked magical… magic of invisible threads between people. It is beyond words. I am sure, each of you would have had similar experiences here which made your day special; which made you special…

Words will get life when they touch hearts… Then creation goes beyond the creator!

Sharing is a promise of every soul! You are born with it!

Experience the joy of that promise…

Keep Smiling!

Pic: Our younger one sharing his happiness 🙂 (a little old snap)


Every smile counts… (Onam Day 4)

Everytime you see a pookkalam(floral decoration), it spreads a smile in your heart… a colorful one!

Onam festival lasts for 10 days from Atham to Thuruvonam.  Everyday the pookkalam becomes bigger by one more layer of flowers, and 10th day, 10 layers with grand pookkalam! Every layer counts:)

Today is Onam Day 4.(07Sep2016)

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Insult, Punishment and a Smile!


Something happened to Vikas! Mom could easily get her son’s mood as soon as he entered the home.

Vikas did not talk for a while.

Then he started: “Mama, I cannot bear this any more! It has become too bad, including physical!”

Mama was at sea!

He continued: “….he started using nasty words and also beating me without any reason! He insulted me mama…”

Mama asked: “Who is he!”

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