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A Squirrel and me – Hide and Seek!

Saw it on the tree infront of our home. He was too naughty and funny… I tried to click some snaps and he was not ready pose at all… 😉

So the game started…a game of hide and seek!:)

Finally this is what I could win….!


Do you know, a squirrel can jump upto 20feet? Because, they have long , strong back legs and short front legs. Though not 20 feet, this one also jumped a lot here and there! From branches to branches, running through the cables, jumped on to higher window parapet , down to walls…so much of circus! Smart one!

(You can see it’s strong back legs and short front legs in the below shot.)


Squirrels are acrobatic, intelligent and adaptable. Yes, yes, you are acrobatic and intelligent. Come on, give me a pose yaar, let me take a close up! 🙂


The word ‘squirrel’ means ‘shadow tail’ in Greek. They live in almost every habitat on earth. When they are scared or they are in danger, first they don’t move for a while and they quick to move to a safe place in a zigzag way! Smart, right?


There is one type of squirrels called flying squirrels! They have a membranous structure called patagium which helps them to glide like a parachute while jumping from one place to another. (cannot fly like a bird).  Squirrels are there for almost 35-40million years and spread across 285 species. The oldest squirrel fossil is similar to modern flying squirrel.

Of course, my friend is not a flying squirrel. It is a naughty squirrel rather :))


Thanks my friend, I had a very funny and nice time playing hide and seek with you! See you later…btb, thanks for the poses!!!:))

Photos:Canon EOS 600D,75-300mm

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Terrace Shots! 

Lazy afternoon… Wife called from terrace.  She told just to listen to the birds…. Wow! Those little ones are the real chatter boxes😊

Then an active afternoon with nature… Was really refreshing with birds, butterflies,   squirrels and more… 

…. and some terrace shots! 

They talk to us…!


Camera: Canon EOS 600D,  75-300mm