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Mom and Dad… 

She is my wife,
Feeding our little one!
So compassionate,  both of them!
Mom,  You made me so lovely!

I polished his school shoes,
Our elder looked at my eyes,
His eyes are so clear!
Dad,  you made me so caring!

Today, Mom and Dad,
We see you in us,  to realize
Epitome of care selflessly
Rendered on us…. ;
Just to see us happy all the time,
Just to see us successful every moment!

Accept a smile for our happiness,
Accept these words for our success…
Thank You! 

Pic: Freeimages.com (free license)


Thiruvonam: Spreading Lights of Happiness…

First of all, Wish you all a very Happy Onam again….


Onam is a festival of lights? Perplexed? I would say, Onam is a festival that spreads lights of Happiness. All through out 10 days of Onam, people, irrespective of color, religion, wealth, all try to be happy! I am not sure, is there any other festival in the world “forces” people to be happy from the core theme of the festival.

Onam, the whole theme of the festival is being happy and that’s what the festival is for! That’s why in Kerala, there is a saying “Kaanam Vittum Onam Unnanam” and be happy for it! (It means that “One must have the Onam lunch even selling his property, to have so”  and be happy that you could do it!)

Today is Onam Day 11  and is Thiruvonam!

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