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35 or 34? (Another Tom & Jerry Story)

Beautiful temple; so tall and variety of different God statues in different costumes and postures carved at every feet. Every row, there were so many…

Hey Jerry, how many god statues are there?

Jerry just looked and replied at once: 35!

Wow, so fast…! Are you sure? Is it 34 or 35?

Tom really wanted to test Jerry! 😉

34. Immediately Jerry answered.

Papa looked at Tom and Jerry! Both were looking at each other and smiling…!

Papa was really confused 35 or 34?! He could count more than 50 and then stopped….

This time Tom and Jerry were looking at papa and laughing! They loudly asked 50 or 49??

Laugh out!

Accuracy is a relative myth for a happy life! Keep Smiling! 🙂


A Tom&Jerry Story! (Tom: A 13yr boy; Jerry: A 6yr boy – they are growing 😉

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The Butterfly cannot die!


Jerry: “Papa, where is that wing?”
Papa: “Which wing? What for?”

Jerry: “That butterfly wing, which we got near our sunflower plant..”
Papa: “It would have been swept away!”
Jerry: “What? I kept it near the sofa. I want it!!”
He ran out and started searching…Papa joined, though he did not know what’s happening!

Jerry: “Hey Papa, got it, got it!!”
He was in ecstasy!

Papa: “Oh, you want it for artwork in school…”
Jerry: “No! I want the other parts of this butterfly also. It will work, It will work!!”
He was so confident. He was observing that butterfly wing eagerly.

Papa: ” What will work?”
Jerry: “Come on Papa! You don’t know? We need to get other parts and join. It will fly again!”
Papa was at sea!

Papa: “Jerry, the butterfly is dead. Even if you join the parts, a dead butterfly cannot fly!”
Jerry: “Yes, if you simply join the parts, it will not work! But, if you get the correct parts, and fit it correctly, it will fly!”
Papa: “…actually it was dead…..” (He could not complete!)

Jerry: “…..that butterfly cannot die! I will get the remaining parts and join them. I will show you how it can fly again….!”
Papa failed to convince him. His conviction was so strong!

There was a cocoon beginning to show below the sunflower leaf!

Yes, the butterfly cannot die!

pic: Shot@home, the same Jerry’s butterfly wing! 😉


Eureka! What a find! 

It was bedtime! Jerry(~5yrs) was doing usual circus on the bed. Papa was the ring master😉

Mama: “Can you open the laptop lid and see?” 

Papa: “What is there?” 

Papa found a small piece of paper…. After few seconds, his face expanded with surprise ; then became so happy and bright!! 

Papa: “Too much! Where did you find this….?” 

Mama: “….  found in one of the old bags….” 

Papa: “Tom, Tom, come, see this!!” 

Tom(~12yrs) was reading. Usually 5 loud calls may get one “haaa”  response, then silence. But this time, after second call, Tom came running. 

Papa gave that sheet to Tom. Tom could not stop laughing…. 

Tom: “Mama, you are too much….How could you trouble my jerry to take his eye length? Nose length…..and lip length?” 

(He continued to laugh) 

Tom:”Papa, let’s take….. ”

Papa:” Start writing Tom! ”

Before Tom asked  Papa to take the new measurements, Papa was ready with tape! 

But Jerry has to be ready! He looks to be interested in these funny measurements…. So, we have a chance! 

They started….” Height”, “Leg length” 

Tom was noting and Papa was measuring. Papa had enough fun in measuring, as Jerry was continuing his circus time😂

This time Mama had a relaxing laughing time, for a change! 😉

Finally Tom told: “Ear”, “Neck circumference”….. 

Mama: “These also were there?” 

Tom could not control his laughter… 

Papa saw the paper….Ear and Neck Circumference were new additions by Tom… 😃

Still Tom was really confused…. 

Tom:”You naughty Mama..how could you do this to a sleeping baby Jerry…….? “😆

Mama couldn’t answer, rather no gap to breath…. 😂

Tom:” Hey Jerry, why are you laughing..?”😉

Jerry: “Got tickled when papa took belly measurement….” 

Papa: Eureka….. What a find… My next blog topic!!! 

Bedtime is getting late…… 

Good Night, Sweet Dreams…. 😇