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All Over Roads..!


All over roads…!;

Many more destins. . . ! 

All not for me;

Me can’t take all! 

Which for me? 
Easy for me? 
Happy for me? 

To my destin. . . ?

All over pointers;

To lead me. . . 

Parents. . . 
Friends. . . 
Siblings. . . 
And the world;

All over pointers! 

Darker and Faded,
Red and Green;
Read all! 

Me fell asleep! 

You who woke me up! 
I am on one;

Waying on my way! 

Which pointer
Took me here? 
Whichever. . . . ;

Ways are to way! 

Why this Road. . .? ;

That’s why me here! 

My roads to my destins. . . 
Your roads to your destins. . . 
Our roads always cross;

Crossing to cross! 

Again,  all over roads…;
Destined to my destin, 
I see you there…; 

We relish!

Some thoughts on words:
Waying: Traversing / ‘Weighing’ (Both together as well!)
To way: Traverse / ‘Weigh’ (we keep on doing both!)
Crossing: Cross each other in positive and negative deals of life by me&you(people)

Destin : Destination

Pic Courtesy: Google Free License – Labelled for reuse with modification.