What should we do?

It is not new! Today also read a news about the mishap of a girl in the brutal hands of <please fill>!

Also just now read a message from a friend saying …”this kind of events are repeating, only the names change. News papers and media celebrate for 3 days; people make noise in the social media and street for few days; slowly story and victims become memory!”

I think, not even ‘memory’! 😦

The causing hands are not cuffed; prolonged trial with all ethical and systematic judgement procedure! (Yes, we believe even if crimals escape, we should *not* punish innocent~)….it goes on!

Recently, there was another interesting news: victims are not allowed to go to their home town for few years, because the trial is ON! Where are we heading to!!

Yes, there are certain system and policies to govern the mass. So, we may not be able to make drastic changes. However, at least, there is a need to consider the common sense of ensuring the basic legal protection for our sister/mom/daughters…

My questions and thoughts are not new!

Yes, the story repeats! What can we do?

a) Please do not stand helpless if you happen to see any such incident. [Anything which you can do, please!]

b) Do not pretend you are “hurry” / in “urgency” during such situations (Remember we can escape only from the scene, we can never escape from our soul!)

c)  Please accompany your female colleagues or friends to their home, as needed. (esp, late evening/odd times/odd places!)

d) When they travel, just ensure they reach safely….A call / a message does not cost anything these days! (Even if you will be looked as ‘over cautious’, do not take any chance in these cases!)

e) See and think, what change you can bring in to your friends and family towards this

f) Yes, you can join the social movements to bring any positive changes as well.

What should we do? More ideas and thoughts?

3 thoughts on “What should we do?”

    1. Various reasons in various situations I feel. See, people in the burst of emotion become blind. Burst of emotion can be from character, social bring up, under the influence of brain-kickers, addiction, …..and also if the person is hormone sick. Every situation cannot be avoided. But, there are somethings we can. I try and tell my friends some of these points, at least paying attention and caring situations where you need to take more responsibility, though it looks like we are over cautious; it is ok to get some sarcastic comments for it !!!
      Actually I realized this more after hearing about an incident with a girl in Bangalore, where, the girl was dropped at a bus-stop by her boy friend( way to her home back) at night around 9pm. She could not reach safely that night! :(( He should have simply ensured to send her safely till her home! So, even if bit more to do in such situations, why not. Lets do it. That can save tears and lives for our sisters, friends and mom…..

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