Reality is Reality!


Read about Paul Kalanithi again; his story of realization of his life, through the negotiations with his death. Not read his book When Breath Becomes air…But that title says a lot.

I picked  Paul and his book during our usual chat with my wife and showed the above article from a Malayalam news daily1.  During our conversation, I was browsing her mobile and stuck at a like mail to her new blog ‘live like a tourist’. It forced me to have a look at it. To my shock, the topic was on the similar soul!

She did not notice that I was reading her mobile. After glancing through her blog, I told her that just now I read a similar topic (as Paul’s story)!.

She became curious…I showed her blog! She smiled..a smile with an unknown feeling!

We continued sharing our thoughts…

Me: “…’s altogether a different perspective when such a counting needed in our life. It will be hard to simulate.  Because the reality is *not* faced alone, your surroundings join you to face the reality, and a conducive scenario gets created. If I am in a situation where I have just a year left, then, the whole of my surrounding will change its view to me! Probably, if I don’t work, even if I can, no problem. I am free to do anything…almost anything which I like…”

(When I just said as an example about my days are counted, saw her face and voice changing)
Me(continued): “However, in the current situation, where there is no counting, if I leave my job for my dream of writing a book…or dream of just being a saint in the Himalayas…?”
(The question was answered by both of us through our eyes!)


It was raining outside, a welcome rain with thunder, for this severe summer!
We sat outside our french window, with a cup of hot tea; Wow, amazingly cool!
She: “I remember reading about a mom who was given the count for her life as a year. She had 4 kids. She decided to dedicate her remaining life to make her kids self-sufficient. So she started imparting essential skills which she thought essential.”
Me:”Yes, each person’s situation is different and their thought process can depend on it. Like in the case of Paul and Lucy, they decided to have a kid& also he decided to pursue his dream of writing a book! By the way, what did this mom teach her kids?” (I was anxious)
She:”Skills which are needed to live, like how to operate the bank accounts, shop their essential stuff, communication……”
She: “I tried to simulate this mom situation in me. So thinking that I should teach our kids also such things….yes planned…but a simulation is just a simulation!”
Me:”Yes, and..Reality is…..!”
The rain, thunder and cool breeze…the tea was over!

Tailpiece: Original title of this verse was ‘Counting Days‘, later changed to the current one, and confused with “Deadline Pressure”;
Just ordered Paul’s book!

1: Mathrubhumi News Daily

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