Enjoy Onam…(Day 2)

Onam is a festival of togetherness.  Every floral decoration throughout onam highlights the beauty and harmony of togetherness.

Today Onam Day 2 (05Sep2016).

Decided to continue to make the floral decoration. However, we had very less choices of flowers from our garden today.

Usually we try to keep a big flower in the middle of the floral decoration. Yesterday i could get a hibiscus.  But today,  could not get any single flower.  Then tried whether i can get a single bunch of flowers, in vain!

Just noticed a few small white flowers##.  Thought to try it in the center of today’s floral decoration!  After arranged them together….wow,  it made a difference!  We felt really happy to see them together!

Yes, together  we can complement,  suppliment and create altogether new dimensions in this world.

Keep smiling!



we call it as Nandyarvattam/നന്ദ്യാർവട്ടം.  In English:East Indian RoseBay or Crape Jasmin.

5 thoughts on “Enjoy Onam…(Day 2)”

    1. Wow…. Thats cool. Enjoy your time with flowers 🙂
      (btb, you should be able to enjoy some traditional onam festivities in Kerala, like pulikali, various local cultural activities etc)

      Liked by 1 person

      1. OK. Am watching various types of festival in different places. But, I don’t know the names of those. Will ask someone, then about pulikali.


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